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Welcome to the project CODI (COnceptual DIfficulties in the field of functional relationships)

In the project CODI, students’ typical learning difficulties in the field of functional relationships were identified at the end of secondary level I . Therefore, a test instrument was implemented which enable the diagnosis of error patterns in a quantitative way. The items refer to the translations between the graphical, situational and algebraic forms of representations and are limited to linear and quadratic functions.

With the help of the digitalisation of the test instrument and the implementation of an automatic feedback for students and teachers, a diagnostic assessment tool is created which offers a flexible use in classroom with little effort for the teacher. This tool is avalaible at this website, but only in a German version. English speaker can download a testversion as a pdf. This can be used as a paper-pencil test, whereas the two versions ensure that students could not copy their neighbours’ answers.

CODI Test_Version A_english

CODI Test_version B_english


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